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All New 2023
Farm Camp dates:
June 26-30th
July 10-14th
July 31-August 4th

August 7-11th

Maureen Anderson of the MotherVine and Tasha’s Own is pleased to announce an exclusive and unique enhanced summer camp experience for children ages 5-15.
The Virginia Sustainable Living Camp (est 2004) will be held at our historic home and farm property 
Our farm camp focuses not only on sustainable living, but in good stewardship of the land and following the traditions of early settlers and the Native First Virginians. Children will participate daily in all farm chores (feeding, watering, distributing hay, gathering eggs, planting, weeding). This not only instills an excellent work ethic but allows children to gain an understanding of where food actually comes from and how much work goes into it.

In addition to experiencing “A Day in the Life” of a modern farmer, the children will gain a true and accurate appreciation for what it took in past times to keep a family and farm in operation through beautiful, organic farm-to-table projects.

Our farm camp will include intensive involvement with the sheep, goats and poultry and each child will have continuous opportunities for fun and exciting, hands on learning as they…
*milk the goats and make cheese and ice cream in the cozy farm kitchen
*shear the sheep and wash, spin and knit or felt that wool
*grind grain by hand, feed and learn about sourdoughs, make breads.
*harvest the farm’s honey for delicious treats and to sweeten our ice cream and lemonade
*scrape wax from the beehive frames and melt it down to make candles 
*gather food from the gardens, field and forests for salads and stir fry
*Make soap 


The cost for this remarkable, once in a lifetime experience is $400 per child, with all food included.
Each additional sibling is $375 
Although camp hours are 9-2, we understand that some children may need to come earlier or stay later and arrangements are easily made to accommodate varying schedules.

Please call or text (757) 918-4166 for more information or write me at for registration paperwork
Camp attendance is limited to ensure a quality experience so hurry to reserve your space!


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