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What makes us different...

As the mother of 8 children, ages 16-34, Maureen has always been in the business of creating sustainable alternatives and making mindful choices.


Tasha's Own began with one goat, Tasha, who was purchased to provide alternative dairy products for her lactose intolerant child.  Maureen soon discovered that one goat quickly led to another and after a time there was an abundance of milk beyond what she needed to make cheeses and yogurts. And thus a superior soap was born.


Over the course of 15 years, and through many goat generations (all descendants of the original Tasha) this small soap company found it's way into nearly every farm stand, gift shop, garden center and health food store in Hampton Roads. Now relocated to historic Williamsburg, Virginia, Tasha's Own and its new line of specialty body care, Beauly Organics, are continuing to meet skincare needs in Virginia and beyond. 

Maureen feels that not only is it important to create a quality product that is beautiful and practical, but that her heart and soul remain visible in every detail of each product. Her preference for Nubian goat's milk, wildcrafted botanical combinations, calico and toile wrappings inspired by the clothes she handmade for herself and her children and coffee stained labels are just a few things that set her apart from her competitors. Her farmhouse sense of  style, relentless hard work, ready smile and warm greeting are what seal the deal. 

If you want to support  a REAL LIFE, sustainably produced FARM product that is pure and full of rich history and  wisdom, you've come to the right place...

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